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On June 5, 2015, attorney James Bonebrake obtained a verdict of $492,350.00 on behalf of his client.

The plaintiff, Mr. Bonebrake’s client, went to the Brothers’ Lounge (owned by defendant Sandona Corporation) for a birthday party for one of his friends on October 11, 2011.  While there, plaintiff and his friends consumed alcohol and the evidence showed that plaintiff was intoxicated.  The owner of the bar signaled for the bouncer, co-defendant, Tywan Howard, to approach plaintiff.  Plaintiff, and two of plaintiff’s friends who were with him at the bar that evening, testified that Howard approached plaintiff and asked him a question.  They testified that plaintiff did nothing to provoke Howard or anyone else in the bar that night, including the female bartender behind the bar at the time of the incident.  They further testified that Howard suddenly punched plaintiff in the cheek and knocked him to the ground. All of plaintiffs’ witnesses testified that they could hear the sound of plaintiff hitting the ground, head first.  The ambulance and police were called, and plaintiff was taken out of the bar via ambulance in a pool of blood from his head.  He had very little memory of the events and remembered awakening at MacNeal Hospital some time later.  Continue reading →